About Overall System Trading


OST incorporated in 2012 is an industry leading distributor of technology products. We are the copartners of two more companies in USA under the name Gold Coin and Sigma Impex. Our customers are wholesalers, retailers and online sellers that resell technology products that people use every day in their home, office or whilst on the move.

OST builds sound long-term relationships with the world’s leading technology vendors, to provide our partners with best-in-class products, solutions, and expertise they need to take advantage of every opportunity that lies ahead.

Our core business is the distribution of products from the world’s leading and emerging technology Brands that includes Apple, Google, Xiaomi, DOBE, CronusMaxus,CronusMaxus Zen DOBE, XIM APEX etc.

Most of technology/Accessories sales are done through off trade channels, including retail stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Retail Stores, convenience stores commonly found in neighborhoods, are the dominant retail outlets in terms of both number and Accessories retail value.

We work together with local agents, buyers or timely importers in order to be able to sell the products in the widest possible range.



There are three major distribution and sales regions in Saudi Arabia: the Western Region, with the commercial center of Jeddah; the Central Region, where the capital city of Riyadh is located; and the Eastern Province, where the oil and gas industry is heavily concentrated. Dammam is the capital city of the Eastern Province, and includes Dhahran. Each city has a distinct business community and cultural flavor, and there are only a few truly “national” companies dominant in more than one region.

We have authorized minimum 2 Wholesalers in each region of Saudi Arabia based on the market size and potential as sub Distributors.


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